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Wedding Preparation Training Packages

For the Engaged:
Congratulations on your engagement! We are so happy for you and can't wait to be part of your journey to the big day! Your wedding day and the months leading up to it are such a special time. You'll probably want to be looking and feeling your best, that's where we come in! Hurley-Vorce Wedding Prep personal training packages help you get into, or stay in, your best shape and they also help reduce stress and anxiety which is super helpful during the wedding planning phase! We offer a variety of options so that you can get some time to focus on yourself in solo sessions, sweat it out with your partner, or spend quality time with your wedding party before the wedding. 


Wedding Prep Packages Include:

Personal Training Sessions (Individual, Partners, or Groups)
These sessions are designed to get results quickly! The right exercises for your fitness level and your goals help you build strength and tone while releasing stress and improving mood and sleep quality. We work hard to make these sessions fun for you and any of your guests. 

Meal Planning based on your goals
Sometimes weight-loss is the goal and sometimes is isn't. Building muscle, toning, weight gain, and all other goals fit perfectly into these programs because they are designed just for you. Just like the workouts, the Meal Plans are customized for you and the goals you have in mind. We take the guesswork out of food preparation so you can simply cook and enjoy!

Recommended Supplements
Along with training sessions and meal planning, we include recommended supplements in Wedding Prep Packages. This includes a custom supplement bundle to help you achieve the results you're working for!



We recommend a minimum of 3 months but can definitely accommodate a tighter timeline. 

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